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Recession 5

The 5th Mix I posted (back in 2001)

Click here to start RECESSION 5 (Real Audio version)

Recession 5 is the second half of the mix which Recession IV started. I didn't intend to do it this way, but I was tagging this mix onto the end of the CD's I (was) making. So I thought I'd just upload the thing so you'd know what you'd have to suffer if you asked for one of my mixes on hard-copy. HERE to download an MP3 version of it (about 60Mb)

If you don't have the G2 Player, go to the Real Web Site to get one.

RECESSION 5 (MP3 Version)

Here is the tracklist.

  1. 1) Bedrock - Heaven Scent
  2. 2) Breeder - Tyrantrannic
  3. 3) Sander Kleinberg - Sacred (dub)
  4. 4) Skip Raiders - Another Day
  5. 5) Libra Presents Taylor Anomally - Calling Your Name

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