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Links to DJ help sites

Links to sites which will help your DJing skills

I'm not so up myself (yet) that I think I'm the only resource on the net (or on the bookshelves) to help with your DJing. The more people you ask, and learn from - the better you'll be. So, on this page, there's a bunch of links to places you can get more information, including (at the bottom) a range of some of the DJ Forums that I use.

It's another page which I've taken the hedge cutters to in this re-write. There were a lot of dead links from the old version, and a lot of those ended up on sites that weren't exactly wholesome, if you get what I mean... Let me know of any sites you think should be in here, and I'll update asap.

DJ Help sites/forums

TitleLink imageLink text - The best place (apart from here) to learn how to DJ. Seriously. - Tutorials, reviews, a community - this site will grow into something great.
DJ Passion - Forums - Chat - Radio - somewhere to upload mixes - and a heck of a lot more. They really are passionate about dance here!
DJ Techniques - Paul Lightfoot, based in Cheshire (so not really any competition to me!) who's a DJ tutor and will come to your place to teach you the DJing ropes.
Djs Mixing - This page has (amongst other things) a great info page on Carts and Styli. Everytime I need to know something about them, I get in touch with him. The rest of the site is just as informative too. Terrible design, but then I'm not one to talk...
Jonnoweb - At time of putting up this link, there's still a couple of pages under construction here, but the ones that are already up there are good (even though he says my site is only "Probably" better than his ;-p)
Tranceaddict - My preferred forum (other than my own of course)
DJ Forums - Another great forum with good people on it.