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Personal Tuition (from me) to become a DJ

Get that extra bit of help - personally

Paused, for the time being.

Ok - my diary's full. Sorry folks, but between editing TV programmes and the people I currently AM teaching, there's not any time left for anything else (let alone trying to write more for this website!) I promise once the people I'm dealing with are on their way, I'll 'open class' again - so please let me know if you're interested - but as of April 08, I'm not taking on anyone else I'm afraid.

How it will work

Ok, there's a few ways this will work when it starts up again.

  • I come to you - using your equipment - and teach you wherever you want on whatever you have
  • You come to me - and using my Pioneer DJM600, 2x CDJ1000 MkIII's and 2 x Technics 1210's - I'll teach you here.
  • I no longer take my equipment to you - a quick threat to bonk me over the head and steal my kit put a stop to that one!


As I realise more people will want help outside of Glasgow than in the Glasgow area, my plans for this are simple. If you look at the picture below, you'll see Glasgow, with a red blob in the middle of it. If you're inside that band, there's no travel charge - anything outside that band, and it'll work out as either 12p per mile if I'm able to drive to you - or the cost of planes/trains etc if you're that far away. Click on the picture to open a larger one (in case you need to see the same thing... a bit larger).

I'll go anywhere to teach you - America, India, Australia, England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland - no matter where you want taught, I'll come to you - but if it IS somewhere that it's not a simple case of coming to you and going home again, then more discussions will need to be held about acommadation/expenses etc.

Although, I do figure all of that is unlikely - and i'll probably never venture outside of Glasgow/Scotland to do this - but it's probably best to lay out the rules now. It's best to have a discusson on something that's already been said, than an agrument about something that hasn't!

So - if you're interested, please send me an email, and we'll talk costs/times etc, and hopefully I can play a bigger part in a lot more new DJs development.