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A bit bare right now

The point of this page is to hold a load of audio reference clips that the book refers to.

Strangely though, each time I think about doing something in an audio format, I end up thinking it would be better off as a video clip, with a bit more explanation on what's happening (this was the case with the Beat Structure clips - I figured graphics would help you understand what was happening).

Check out the Video Clips if you want to see what else is on offer for the time being, and I'll keep having a good think as to what the best kind of audio clips to hold on here would be. Take a look at the Mixes page for some example DJ mixes that I've uploaded.

Beatmatching Audio Files

One questions I get asked over and over again is what tune is best to use to learn to beatmatch with - and my response is pretty much always 'One with a strong beat' - rather than suggest something you'll have to fork out �10 for. But, in response to being asked this over and over recently, I've made a little audio package, which contains eight audio files based around the exact same drum loop.

The point of these files is to help you with your beatmatching. When coupled with the instructional video (go to the Videos page to check it out) hopefully this'll help you get a proper headstart and understanding on how to beatmatch. I'm going to make another one soon, which focuses on beat structure, so please keep a look out.

In the meantime, to download the audio files package for beatmatching, please right click this link and choose 'Save Target as'. It's a zip file - so you'll need something like Winzip or Winrar to open it. As always, feedback is appreciated, so if you've got any comments, or ideas on how to improve this, please let me know.

Audio Clips Download Section

ItemDownload LinkInformation
Reference ToneDownload Here1Khz at OdB - 1Mb
Reference ToneDownload Here1KHz at -18dBfs 1Mb

Audio Downloads Right click on the links, and choose 'Save target as' to download to your hard-drive