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Video Clips

Videos to support the info on this site, and the book

Always thinking of more

DJing's the kind of thing which you can really only get so far on your own reading about. At one point, you could really do with someone showing you waht to do. Throughout the book, I mention a few occasions where it's better to see something done, just to clear up any confusion you may have.

So, for those who own the book, this is the page you were looking for - and for those who don't own it, then this page is still just as available for you too.

This is going to be the most 'work in progress' part of the site. And as such, I recommend going to my YouTube Channel, rather than here - as I'm testing out the videos on YouTube before throwing them onto hear (and soaking up valuable space/bandwidth). Please, just click on the image below, and take a look around the videos. Everything i make is up on YouTube, apart from the Lectures, which are too long to sit there. But I am re-recording them.


If you're here looking for the Beatmatching Video to go along with the audio files on the Audio page - sorry, you're faster than I am - I'll try to get them up by the 11th April. Please check back either on the 10th, or 11th. It takes a while to make these, and I'm constanting thinking of more to do. I'll keep updating this as often as I can, but if you have any requests at all for something 'in vision' - please just get in touch and I'll work on it.

Please check out the Lectures page too - where there's currently two long videos going through Driving Rhythms and through the B'loom and l'Boom concept in deeper detail.

For those of you looking for the 'Mix Example' videos, though they are on the 'Video Mix' page, the quality isn't really great - you can't see the detail of the mier very well. I just need to work out a better compression setting (currently, I need to make them about 100mB in size for you to see the detail needed). Don't worry, they'll be back soon!

You need Quicktime in order to play these videos. Quicktime 7 is better (as the files are smaller, and quicker for you) but as long as you've got QT6, you'll be ok. If you don't have either, go to to download a copy. I have been asked to do WMV and AVI versions, which will happen eventually, but for the time being, I'm worrying more about putting this clips online to give a good library of reference.

One last thing, the Beats and Bars page has a load of video clips to do with Beat Structure. So make sure to check that out if you're looking for that info.

Equipment and mixing introduction Downloads Just click on the links, the videos will open up in Pop-Up windows

TitleQuickTime 6 Version (smaller)QuickTime 7 Version (better)
Basic functions on a turntable
The Pitch Control on a Turntable
The Target Light on a Turntable
The Cross-fader on a mixer
The Channel Fader on a mixer
The Gain control on a mixer
Woops, I seem to have spelled 'Strength' wrong... sorry...
The EQ section on a mixer
Finding the Bass Beat
Finding the Bass Beat (more)
Finding the Bass Beat (EVEN more)
Rocking the Bass Beat
Correcting beats that start out of time

Video Downloads Just click on the links, the videos will open up in Pop-Up windows