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Recession 7 - Walkthrough to follow

The 7th Mix (August 2007)

To download Recession 7 in MP3 format, please click: HERE (it's about 110Mb).

I'm in the middle of writing the walkthrough for this, but what i think is interesting is that there's a couple of mixes in there that gave the mix a bit of a 'dip' - which I'm trying to work through explaining (hence the delay in getting it up here) - but what I want to do is re-record the mix with another couple of tunes in place, so you can compare the energy of both mixes, and hopefully understand what a lot of the book tries to explain.

Below is the tracklist:

  1. 1 ) Quivver - Dark Rooms (Shifter and Carvell Remix)
  2. 2 ) Chris Lake - Shake (Original)
  3. 3 ) Sander Van Doorn / Yello - Oh Yeah (Sander Van Doorn remix)
  4. 4 ) Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Greg Downey remix)
  5. 5 ) Title - Twelve (Dousk Remix)
  6. 6 ) Matt Cerf - Bent (Dirty Hertz and Jerry Bonha)
  7. 7 ) David West - True Love (Original)
  8. 8 ) David West - Welsh Morphology (Original)
  9. 9 ) Space Manoevers - Zone Two (Hydroid mix)
  10. 10) Starecase - Hopeless (Original)
  11. 11) Mojodo - Alma Gemella (Original)
  12. 12) Anna Nalick - Breathe (Blake Jarrell)

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