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Links to UK DJ Stores

Some stores in the UK that sell DJ gear

Contained below are a few places I've found online for shopping in the UK. I've used the first four (WestEndDJ, RS100, Sapphires and HTFR) but can't vouch for the service from anywhere else on this page. Don't worry, this page will get bigger - I've just stripped out a lot of the deadlinks from the older version of this site..

UK Store links

TitleLink imageLink text
My preferred DJ Equipment shpp in London
DJ gear store in Glasgow (where I go)
Nice site, and I'm told they're reliable, and come highly recommended by lots of customers.
Sapphires - another great store in London
Self proclaimed Definitive Resource for DJ's and Pro audio enthusiasts
Quality DJ Equipment from SI Sound and light provides all the latest DJ innovations Online and instore. All the latest technology from all the major manufacturers..
Hard to Find Records - not just records. Loads of DJ gear too!
Based in East London, they claim to be unbeatable on prices.