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Links to Music Stores and MP3 Download stores

Links to place you can get music - digitally, or physically

This page contains some links to some of the many online MP3 and record stores on the net. If you're still looking for places after going through this list, there's a thread on my forum (Click here) which contains loads more links, and on the TranceAddict forum (Click here) which has many more, each in categories of where in the world they are.

MP3 Download sites (no illegal ones - that's BAD!)

TitleLink imageLink text
Beatport - one of the largest. In conjunction with Native Intruments (who make Traktor)
DJDownload - Great store with clearly laid out search through charts and genres. - A fantastic place to find the tunes that no one else is selling.
AudioJelly - Another great site for MP3 downloads.
Juno - A huge online site, which sells vinyl and CDs as well as MP3 downloads.
DJMR - Very big MP3 download store, which also has another wing to it which sells real records.
4djsonly - I don't know much about this one, but it seems to be a large DJ community which sells a lot of music too. Not just Mp3s - real stuff too!

Just Vinyl and CDs (no MP3 downloads)

TitleLink imageLink text
Hard to Find - The original online record store to go to find tunes you can't find anywhere else.
Replay Records - Fantastic vinyl and CD online store. I've constantly come back to this one over and over through the years.
Banging Tunes - One I'd never heard of before, but this is a UK based online store that sells vinyl, CDs, clothing and more. Has MP3 samples for review though.