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DJing for Dummies, 3rd edition - out NOW!!

Now being the end of October 2014.

The past year has been a bit of a whirlwind for me - the day job has been incredibly busy, editing the Commonwealth Games taking up most of my time - but I had room to write an updated version of DJing for Dummies! And it's out now.

It's a third edition that was well needed in today's market. Pretty much every chapter has been pulled apart and rebuilt, but the main thing that's in here now is a lot more to do with Digital DJing. I thought the 2nd edition would cover it well enough, but as technology and options have expanded since that version came out, it became very apparent that it needed an update. Fortunately, the publishers agreed. It's availbe now in the UK and in the US. It'll trickle out across the rest of the world soon.

The updates in the third edition aren't just about Digital DJing though. I've gone through each chapter, from equipment to mixing techniques and playing live and written them with more information, and more relevant information at that!!

Site updates!

In response to the release of the 3rd edition, I'm now chopping into this site and doing the same thing. I've already completely re-written the Digital DJing page, and I'm now attacking all the supporting files pages - and I'll finish by ammending all of the equipment and mixing pages too. Follow me on twitter if you want updates on how this is going, or just check back here once in a while.

Traktor in control!

I've now gone fully digital too. I've ditched the CDJs and the Technics 1210's and gone with a much simpler setup. Traktor Pro and an S4 Traktor Kontrol. I miss the tactile feeling of using the TT's and control vinyl, but the expanded options and quicker access to controls coupled with how portable this makes DJing (a control and a Macbook) means I'm happy.

Here's a pic of the setup as it was with the CDJ's - not much different than before, just with the laptop in the middle and the Audio-8 underneath. I'd post a new one of just Kontrol and the Macbook, but that's not really exciting!

DJ4D goes German and Spanish!

Go to for the German version of the 1st edition

Go to for the Spanish version of the second edition

More beatmatching help for the new DJ

I've been thinking about how to break out of the book in terms of helping visitors to this website learn how to improve their beatmatching. And I think I've got it. Using Videos on the Video page (naturally) and Audio Clips which you can download from this website, I hope to be able to give new DJs a learning boost, and hopefully show some of the more experienced DJs another way to do this.

The Audio Clips are available to download through this link, or if you want to read a bit more about them, check out the Audio Downloads page for more info. The Video Clips can be found either on the Video page on this site, or through my YouTube channel. You're looking for the 'Basic Beatmatching' and 'Quick Beat Matching' videos.

Buy a signed copy of DJing for Dummies here!

You can now buy DJing for Dummies directly through this website, for GBP12.99 + p&p - but, because you're buying it from me - you get a signed copy! It's currently only available for UK, US and Australian customers, but that's just because I can't think of any other countries who might want it. Please email me, and I'll add your country to the shipping destination.

Go to The DJ4D store to buy it.

DJing for Dummies - The YouTube channel

To back up all the info in DJing for Dummies, and on this site, I've made (and am currently making more) videos to help you visualise what's going on. They are contained in this site, but I've also made a 'Channel' on YouTube so you can access them all without having to find them, or download them to watch them.


About - The Resource for DJing for Dummies

It's not all about me flogging a book...

This site has been here for 10 years, and has always been about helping new DJs learn DJing skills, and give advice and tips to the more experienced DJs out there. As I've just released a book, DJing for Dummies (for the folks who make Windows for Dummies etc) - this means that this website is now ALSO a resource for the book, including video and audio clips, information about buying DJ equipment (turntables, CD decks, mixers etc) and giving you a place to ask questions when you need advice.

Those of you who have been here before may notice that some of the information is currently offline. Info about scratching, advanced DJ equipment, making demo tapes, trying to get work, and what to do in the DJ booth once you get work is all currently being updated (along with more additions, like how to use Pioneer CDJ1000's and the Pioneer DJM600 mixer). Be assured though, this website will ALWAYS REMAIN a free reference for new DJs - the book builds upon, consolidates, and solidifies the information.

I do recommend buying the book - as it's a good read and contains a lot more DJing info that isn't on this site - but in no way am I leaving you in the lurch, telling you to go buy the book - and then laugh maniacally and wait for the profits. It's going to take a wee bit of time to re-write the info on here, and the basics STILL remain - but if there's ANYTHING - and I mean ANYTHING you want to ask - please email me. I'd hate to think you'd end up on some forum somewhere, swearing at me for not having the info here. Just ask - I'll help you out as much as I possibly can - just ask...

The History

Why I'm here - why YOU'RE here (I hope)

In 2005, I got together with the people who make the Dummies series of books to release DJing for Dummies in December 2006. The information that used to be on this site was improved upon, re-formatted, updated - and is now available at your local bookshop. Due to copyright reasons, a lot of the text that was on here can no longer be part of this site. But the good news is, this site now has two functions:

  • 1) To help new DJs find out how to become DJs
  • 2) A resource with supporting Djing video and audio clips referred to from the book

But on top of that, as once a book is released, it can't change - this site will contain all the 'update' material that a book can't contain. Information about new equipment, new techniques, new music - pretty much anything new that isn't contained in the book - I'll put it in here under menu heading above.

Phew, that's a lot of words for an intro!! Don't be concerned that if you don't own the book there's no point in this site for you - there is. All the audio and video clips are still explained fully - so though this site doesn't contain as much text as the old version - it still contains the same information - just not quite as wordy!!

Don't worry - I'm working as fast as I can get edit round the copyrighted material, but I'm afraid I'll need to ask for a little patience. Hopefully soon, it'll all be good.

However, if there's anything you're unsure about, want cleared up, or need guidance on, PLEASE email me about it - the link it at the top right of this screen.

What's here

In case you've come this far down the page

Firstly, I commend you on making it this far through my inane drivel to read what this site contains. If you've enjoyed it so far, hopefully you find me amusing (or are just that special kind of person who likes pain) and you should find the writing style of the book enjoyable too.

Although I've had to watch the content of this site, to make sure it's not breaking copyright and contract issues with the Wiley Publishing folks, it's still jam packed with information (all of which you can access through the menu bar at the top of this page).

Content covered
  • Information about the book (where to buy it, any errors etc)
  • What to look for when buying equipment (includes reviews on equipment available)
  • How to beatmatch (The core reason you're here probably - this is it, how to be a DJ!)
  • Video clips (Some short clips to help you with your skills, with knowing the structure of your tunes)
  • Audio clips (Superceded mostly by the video clips, but there's mixes on there, and reference tone for liniing up equipment)
  • Video Lectures (Longer videos, with me taking you more closely through some of the more advanced concepts)
  • Technical info (Like how to record to PC, how to make MP3s - that kinda thing)
  • Links (To places that sell equipment or music and links to people who have websites of use to you as a DJ)
  • Forum (Discussion forum where we can all meet up, chat and share music with each other)
  • Email (Yup, it's simple - just send me an email, and I'll do everything I can to help you)

If you'd like to know the full extent of material on this site, I'm in the middle of making a site map for it - check back in a day or two, and hopefully it'll all be here. But, for the time being, just use the links in the menu at the top of this page - it's the same thing!