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Updates and 'Fixes/Patches' to the first release of the book

When something happens, I'll let you know here

On this page, I'm posting updates of things I find wrong with the book - too many for my liking. The publishers assure me this is normal. With such a tight turn-around between first draft, proof-reading (there is NO second draft!) and then print, there's sure to be some items that fall through the cracks. I've read through the book, and there are a few 'wrong word' errors and a couple of wrong cross-references here and there, but the errors below are the major ones:

  • My sister-in-law's name is spelt wrong in the acknowledgments (it should be Vicki)
  • Scratching chapter - there's a diagram of the orientation of a turntable for scratching - when you look at it, the tone-arm isn't going the right way
  • Cutting beats (still in scratching chapter) the beat-diagram for this makes no sense unfortunately.
  • The diagram about mixing in a mini breakdown over a longer one, and coming out early isn't quite right. A bit confusing really...
  • The second figure for mixing a melodic outro has a fade in for the start, but it should be a sudden in.
  • Timo Maas' name is spelt Timo Mass (I think that's my fault, spell check would have made it Mass.. sorry Timo).
  • Solid Session should have been "Solid Sessions".
  • The image of a CD deck that only uses buttons to control it became an image of a Gemini CD-200 - with a jog wheel. DOH!

All of that's a massive embarrassment for me (as far as I'm concerned).

When I get a chance, I'll re-draw the offending diagrams, so you know what they SHOULD be, and hopefully the next print of the book will fix all these problems.

On the bright side though - the ones that are out now could become collector's editions.... Or am I thinking too much?

I could'a died when i saw the scratching errors... (though not as much as when I saw Vic's name is spelt wrong!)