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Video Lectures

Lectures to support the info on this site, and the book

Me...talking to you... with examples... wooooo.

Ok, so I had a weekend to kill, and decided I'd add to the video clips I'd alreay put into the Videos page on this site. However, I got a bit into the subject, and the two clips I did manage to do (it was meant to be three) have ended up as 15 minute lectures, with me in front of the decks going through examples.

So, there was supposed to be 3 videos.

  • Driving Rhythms - which expands on, and clears up that section from Chapter 17 of the book
  • l'Boom B'loom - which again, clears up and expands on my description for how to tell what tune is running too fast when you're beatmatching (Chapter 12 in the book)
  • How to use the CDJ1000 MkIII's

The last one, I'll do in the next session (probably next week) - and I'll also re-do the first two, as they're a bit waffly and sloppy (plus, the lighting sucks, and I didn't have time to take any pickup shots to help re-edit it) - but for the time being, I wanted to throw these up here, let you all see them, and find out if these are helpful, or if I'm wasting my time. The future of these lectures is in YOUR hands!!

The final thing I'll say before you click the link is that I've made these so that I speak out of the right channel, and the music plays out of the left channel. This is so you can turn me off, and listen to the music (after going through it once with me talking) so you can listen for yourself. If I'd have mixed the audio, and stood there (like a lemon) while it played, these things would have been twice their length and size!!

You need Quicktime in order to play these videos. Quicktime 7 is better (as the files are smaller, and quicker for you) but as long as you've got QT6, you'll be ok. If you don't have either, go to to download a copy.

Lecture Download Section

Video Downloads Just click on the links, the videos will open up in Pop-Up windows

TitleQuickTime 6 Version (smaller)QuickTime 7 Version (better)
>Lecture 1

Introduction and Driving Rhythms
>Lecture 2

B'loom and l'Boom

Video Downloads Just click on the links, the videos will open up in Pop-Up windows