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Get in touch - say hi - ask more - be nice though ;-)

Please feel free to email about anything that comes to mind. But can I request that emails aren't written like a mobile phone text message ("Hi lik yr site, gr8 stf") etc? They're really annoying to read, and I get fed up with it - and will dump that mail to the bottom of my 'To-Do' pile.

If you're mailing from something like Hotmail, copy and paste the link into the address field and take off the 'mailto:' part.

If you want to chat, then the best thing to do login to the userplane chat (the login is in the bar to the left) or there's still the Forum where either I, or someone else will answer any questions you have.

I do try to answer all emails I get, but, especially right after the book's been released, please can I ask for you to be patient? It may take me a couple of days to get through them all.

And finally, don't forget to find me on Facebook (click on the big blue F to the left) if you want to hear stuff from me.